What’s that funky smell oop oop

stink waves in the air
sniff sniff what the hell IS that
they’re dirty all right

Yesterday, in an investigatory effort to figure what the hell THAT SMELL IS in the nursery, I poked around every nook and cranny and came up with nothing. I finally decided it must be the dog. When all else fails, you always blame the dog, right?

Well, a few minutes ago when I went to grab the laundry out of the hamper in the nursery I made an exciting discovery. Seems a sleep deprived mama has been throwing dirty diapers in with the dirty clothes instead of in the trash can.

Mystery solved, my dear Watson. You don’t blame the dog, you blame the mom.

2 thoughts on “What’s that funky smell oop oop

  1. We had that same smell dilema – but in the dining room. I continuously would get a whiff of something akin to cat pee (but we DON’T HAVE A CAT) as I would pass by said dining room. I would walk by in slow motion, smell corners, smell under the table, nothing…until one day I noticed the cute, tiny pumpkin placed in a basket in our festive Fall centerpiece. PHEW!!! I am now looking into growing my own antibiotics…


  2. We had a similar “find the smell” adventure at our house. Turns out the baby had deposited a sippy cup of milk in the dirty clothes hamper (about 5 days prior), and it made its own cottage cheese.
    Since then we’ve had to play this game several more times. Sippy cup in the toy box! Sippy cup in the OTHER laundry hamper!
    Apparently my toddler is a cheese monger and we just keep thwarting his attempts to make a buck.


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