the fantasy shattering freezer

yay field trips are fun
help out the community
insult the freezer

Earlier this week the wee one had a field trip to our local food pantry. The wee-er one and I went along to help wrangle the kids (well, actually we went along because I can’t get the wee one’s booster out of my car so I had to drive him. Yes, yes, I’m Mother of the Year.).

The kids got to help sort the cans they brought and they learned about the color-coded system of filling food bags. As I’m sure you’ve guessed already, this was, shall we say, less than scintillating for a group of 4-year-olds. But they were all very well-behaved and the trip was short.

At the end of the visit, we were all invited into the walk-in freezer to take a gander at the gazillions of frozen turkeys. Most of the accompanying mommies declined a chance to freeze our butts off, but the kids jumped at the chance. As they filed into the freezer I made a crack to the other moms about how we should shut the door and high-tail it to Hawaii for an impromptu vacation. Didn’t get a super response from that joke. What? Can’t a mom joke about locking kids in a freezer?

Anyway, the kiddos came filing back out, shivering and giggling – except for the wee one. He had a trademark scowl and eye roll going on.

"What’s the matter?" I asked. "Wasn’t it fun to see all the turkeys?"

"They didn’t even have feathers!" he exclaimed indignantly – as if we had all pulled some kind of mean joke on him. "They were all cut up or something."

I guess that would be kind of disappointing. I mean, if you’re expecting a bunch of regular ol’ feathery turkeys frozen in suspended animation, it might suck to see a bunch of Butterballs.

So our trip ended with disappointment – there were no "real" frozen turkeys, and I missed my chance to skip town for Hawaii. Overall, though, the food pantry was surprisingly entertaining and educational. They do good work there, even if they refuse to lock children in their walk-in freezer.

2 thoughts on “the fantasy shattering freezer

  1. haha I think it’s a fun idea- I mean, I’ve wanted to lock my cats in the dishwasher several times as they try to help wash dishes… ugh.
    Too bad he was disappointed in the Butterballs; I can understand that. It would have been lots more fun to see turkeys in their completeness in the freezer. 🙂


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