16 hours

vacation begins
not with a bang but whimper
and big snot bubble

Why is 16 hours relevant to my vacation?

1) You can’t leave your Sudacare plug-in plugged in for longer than 16 hours at a time otherwise it will melt and threaten to burn down your sister’s house. However, when you unplug it, your tiny girl child will bellow her congested head off until it cools down and you plug it in again (the sudacare plug-in, not her head).

2) It takes 16 hours (!) to charge the 3-hour additional battery I bought for the portable DVD player we just purchased from the loverly Target. This is to cover my ass in case of flight delays, a desire to watch the bonus materials from Monsters, Inc., or to kill time when my sister brings us to the airport 16 hours before our flight is due to take off because she wants her house back (I don’t blame her one bit).

3) 16 hours is how long it took for me to pry the band-aid off the wee one’s finger to see if it actually blistered from him touching a light bulb (it did).

4) 16 hours is how long I have griped because eight fancy blister band-aids cost the same as a new H3.

So, yes, we haven’t even actually gotten on the airplane for our trip yet and I’ve already had to call the pediatrician twice because of the wee-er one’s cold and subsequent pack-a-day cough. That combined with the wee one’s light bulb-induced blistered finger lead me to believe this is going to be a trip for the record books. I’d keep close tabs on this blog if I were you. When they turn the events of 12/12-12/19 into a Lifetime made-for-TV movie starring Parker Posey (as me) and Daniel Cook (as the wee one) and Suri Cruise (as the wee-er one – but she won’t be able to wear her baby toupee so you might not recognoze her), you’ll want to be able to tell people you were there when the initial… excitement… occurred.

Yee haw. Our flight is tomorrow morning. Keep your eyes on the sky.

2 thoughts on “16 hours

  1. Parker Posie? You realize she’s at her best playing someone who’s not so mentally balanced? haha
    Hopefully it’s not all so dramatic and the actual trip goes well!


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