They’re heeeeee-uuuurrrr

christmas upon us
at least shipping deadlines are
ho-ho-ing to sto

So the holidays are upon us. I know you’re thinking, Duh, Kari, the holidays have been upon us for weeks now. Well, I know they’re almost here for reals, because I’m heading out to do my last minute shopping.

But, Kari, you’re thinking. I thought you did all of your shopping online this year? I thought you said you’re done. Well, my observant friend, I DID say that. And then I got the dreaded "your items will not arrive until January 24th" email. Now, I’m sure that January 24th will be a very nice day, but it’s not Christmas Day, and so I’m s.o.l.  Plus, I did an inventory of all the things I bought and well, I forgot some things. That and Santa and I had a few miscues and woefully undershopped for stocking stuffers. (Lone tic-tacs, anyone?). So I’m off to the crazy madhouse stores I swore to avoid. But it will be fun because I’m going to go whole hog consumerist (as if I hadn’t already) and I’m going to get my favorite – gingerbread flavored steamed milk from Starbuck’s.

The wee one is going to stay at home with his grandparents and regale them with Jesus is the Reason for the Season stories that he’s learned at his (very affordable, but WAY more religious than we thought) pre-school. He’s already told them that the red part on candy canes symbolizes Jesus’ blood (whuh? I thought it symbolized red dye number 5.)

So that will be fun for everyone!

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