comes out of kitchen faucet
so I drink bottled

Andi over at Mama Knows Breast has tagged me to show off how I drink water. As a nursing mama I’m supposed to drink something like 17 gallons of water a day. I come close to that, but I think I drank more when I was pregnant. (Sigh, that last sentence is going to bring a lot of funky Google searches to the blog, isn’t it?).

Anyway, here’s how I drink my water:

Straight from the Ozarka bottle (because of the aforementioned smelly water from the faucet). When I was pregnant I could only drink warm Evian because everything else tasted like I was drinking pennies. Then, once I hit the second trimester I could drink my water cold. Breakthrough! And by the time the wee-er one was born I was back to my Ozarka.

When I was pregnant with the wee one, though, I just carried around two polar bottles and constantly filled them with ice and water at work. Then, once he was born and I was at home, I kept toting them around. After so many months of hauling those suckers around they got pretty gross looking (there’s a boob joke here that I’m going to avoid). I wish I could find them (water bottles, not boobs), I’d take a picture. It’s probably better that I don’t though.

Anyway, I love my water. It’s almost all I drink. Every now and then I toss in some green tea or half a Coke, but that just makes me have to drink more water. You should have seen my nightstand a couple of nights ago – I had something like nine water bottles stacked on it. Not because I drink nine bottles a night, but because I am lazy and the recycle bin is all the way out in the garage. Stupid garage.

So, yes. I drink my water bottled, thankyouverymuch. And I drink a lot of it.

The end.

Oh wait, I think I’m supposed to tag someone else now. Hmm. Katrina, of the new baby boy and the of the awesome-ly dubbed "mammary concession stand," you’re it!

5 thoughts on “smellpocalypse

  1. I’m so jealous that you naturally like water. When I was pregnant I really had to force myself to drink it. I still don’t drink as much as I should, but it’s a lot more than I did before someone else’s life depended on it. I can’t drink it cold, though–gotta be room temperature.


  2. And to add to that:
    a) We removed seven bottles of water (and one mug) in various stages of drinking from the guest room after your last visit,
    b) I was hand-me-downed one of those nasty polar bottles if you need a picture. Or maybe I threw it away because it was so gross . . .


  3. Ha! I THOUGHT I saw one of those polar bottles at your house. I totally forgot I gave you one.
    It kept the water cold, though, didn’t it? Cold and plastic-y tasting. Mmmmm.


  4. Well, this has nothing to do with water, but I’ve finally been to Austin, Texas. (I guess I could tie this into water: I saw lots of water when looking at Lake Austin)
    And now that I’ve been out to The Salt Lick and had “the best BBQ the Hill Country has to offer,” I know what all the fuss over Texas Barbecue is about.
    Now, if I could only find some good BBQ here in Los Angeles. And some good water.


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