clean sheets! clean floors!

brand new addiction
good for health but not budget
Dyson-ing my house

So I paid a nice lady to come clean my house. It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone do that and, uh, IT EFFING ROCKS. When she was done, the dishwasher was on, the floors were clean, there were clean sheets on all the beds, neat piles of toys replacing the previous psychotic melee of toys… it was so awesome.

My bathroom didn’t exactly shine like the top of the Chrysler building, but it was cleaner than I can ever get it, so I’ll forgive her for that. Plus, she did get the soap slime off the glass in the shower, and up until I actually saw the glass clean WITHOUT the use of dynamite, I didn’t know it was physically possible to achieve something so amazing.

I have this feeling now – a feeling much like the one you get when you skip that first class. You tell yourself you won’t skip anymore, but the feeling of freedom, glorious freedom, is too intoxicating. Soon, you’re taking finals and you’ve only been to three classes. This is how it’s going to be with my house. I said I’d only have someone clean it once and then I’d be able to maintain that clean for quite sometime. Hahahahahahaha. No seriously. That’s what I said. But now that a professional has had her way with the place I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to my own half-assed ways. If I can make my budget allow it, I’ll have her back every two weeks. I don’t know if my budget will let me, though. It’s known for being quite uptight. [Indeed I am, meez crezy spender. Every two weeks?! You eez not sinking straight, ladee.]

Anyway, yay for people who come clean your house and bring their own supplies and fancy vacuum cleaners! Boo for inflexible budgets with french accents.

6 thoughts on “clean sheets! clean floors!

  1. I told you. Having someone else clean your house is like crack (or eating Pringles, if you believe their ad jingle). Once you start, you can’t stop!


  2. har har.
    Man, we have so much going on now the holiday puke-a-thon is ancient history. It already feels like it happened last year. Oh, wait. It did.


  3. It’s really stupid, but I felt guilty the first few times that I had someone clean my house. I could just hear their thoughts… “she works at home and sits on her butt all day and can’t run a vaccuum?” Actually, no. Moving laundry from the hamper to the washer to the dryer to the bed is as far as I can get. And, you can’t answer your blackberry when you have the Dyson on. Kiddos or no kiddos, working at home does not equal cleaning regularly.
    Sorry about the rant. It’s a sore subject with my husband… he doesn’t understand why I can’t have a 5 course meal on the table in a sparkling house when he gets home from his cushy state job.


  4. If you can afford to have someone clean your house or rake your leaves or mow your grass or do other chores and you DON’T then you are denying them a living – at least that’s what I tell myself when I write the check every week. A clean house is awesome!


  5. Thank you SO much for bringing back your french-accented budget… HOOlarious… And rock on wit-cha maid-hirin’ self… 🙂


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