We have a tooth! And ice!

no sleep, much fussing
angry baby knows the truth
while Mom is clueless

Well, I thought the wee-er one would be getting a tooth soon, but last Tuesday, at her 6-month well check (6 months!) the doctor said he didn’t see any signs of teething and that, though the teeth were close to the surface, it would still be a while.

And by a while I guess he meant three days.

On Friday she bit my thumb with tremendous force and I was all, "DAMmit that hurt." because a tiny, gritty piece of new tooth snagged the soft part of my thumb pad. Then I said, "No wonder you’ve been Crankmaster McStinkyPants for the past few weeks." So now I know. In hindsight, I should have figured it out waaaaay before this, but what do I know?

Anyway, as the days have past, the Little Tooth That Could has been pushing farther and farther out, while the wee-er one’s temperament has deteriorated tremendously. I put her toys in the fridge so they’re cold when she gnaws on them and that sort of helps. For about fifteen seconds. And then she wants to nurse for fifteen seconds and chew on my finger for fifteen seconds and chew on HER finger for fifteen seconds and then spend the rest of the day (and night) fussing. She’s not freaking out crying or anything, it’s just a low level irritation/indignation that something sharp would dare try to perforate her gums and/or that I would dare try to put her down for a minute so that I could go to bathroom without anyone on my lap.

In other news, it really did get icy! First we were drowned with like 7 inches of rain and then it got freeeezing, and now there’s ice. My thermometer claims it’s 29 degrees outside, but the ice seems to be melting, so maybe the thermo is a lying bastard. It sure FEELS like 29 degrees, though. Brrrr.

The weather dudes are all predicting more ice for tonight so maybe tomorrow the wee one and I can venture into the backyard for some weed skating. It’s 4 in the afternoon and we’ve already baked cookies, watched two movies, played Lincoln Logs and Legos, frosted cookies, eaten cookies, eaten more cookies, entertained Cranky McPissedOff, staged a rescue effort for some Lego guys stuck under the bed, and created a game wherein I take pictures of a toy in the wee one’s room without him watching, show him the picture, and then command him to go find the object. It’s like Hide & Seek only there’s some accidental picking up of his bedroom. Woo. Anyway, I’m exhausted and if it’s going to be icy tomorrow, too, then we’re just going to go outside play and risk becoming casualties of the ice, rather than stay inside all day and risk becoming casualties of the stir craziness that ensues after spending four days in a row stuck in the house.

Ah, well, maybe if we go outside the wee-er one can chew on the frozen weeds and the wee one can race around like the tazmanian devil and I can get one tiny little sharp, gritty sliver of peace and quiet.

I had something really funny to talk about and now I’ve forgotten. It didn’t have anything to do with having to clean poop out of the wee-er one’s belly button at Ikea the other day, but now that I think of it, that was kind of funny.

Also, what is it about an icy day that makes me NEVER STOP EATING. Sweet baby Jesus, I cannot stop shoveling it in.

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