Can’t blog. Must de-clutter.

de-cluttering mind
that seems important to do
and it’s not sweaty

I’m de-cluttering my mind with this post.


There is too much shit in this house. Most of it is plastic and intended for children over 3. But a lot of it belongs to me. I just finally threw away the glittery lotion I bought to wear at my wedding. (Yes, I was a faintly glittery bride. Stop laughing.) That glittery lotion has been under my various sinks for 8 years now. And by saying "various sinks" I’m not using a euphemism. I mean actually under my sink. Taking up space. Along with 95,000 maxi pads of varying sizes and shapes, some straightening gel from that one time when I went though the unfortunate stage of wanting to make my hair look "silky and smooth" (aka: caked with hair gel and still curly), some lonely cotton balls, and a very old pack of birth control pills.

I’ve managed to throw a lot of stuff away. But there’s just so much! We’ve only been in this house for four years. Did I pack and move all of this stuff with me when we moved here? How did it fit in my apartment? Have I really accumulated all of this crap since moving here? I know the answer is yes, I mean I’ve accumulated two kids since moving here, so that in and of itself means my crap-level is bordering on epic proportions.

Everyone who’s reading this needs to buy some stock in the parent company of Hefty Bags. Why? Because listen… hear that? It’s a rustling noise. Every now and then there’s a smash and a curse and then the rustling begins again. It is the sound of a shitstorm. A shitstorm of random objects that I’m struggling to avoid any emotional attachment to.

I hope GoodWill needs a lot of shitstormy plastic, cause it’s on the way.

3 thoughts on “Can’t blog. Must de-clutter.

  1. This is almost funny – watching you go through what I did almost exactly a year ago. You just described the contents of my undersinkage to a T. Literally. Sparkly lotion? TWO BOTTLES. Maxi pads? check and check, and toss in some canisters of Tucks pads from when Ben was born. Eventually, I got really into it and purged like a freaky bitch. Enjoy. 🙂


  2. I LOVE to purge. It’s almost scary how much I like throwing shit away. I am not a hoarder. My husband IS a hoarder, however, and this has led to many arguments in our marriage. “Honey, we are we saving your high school math textbooks?” “Because, I might need to look at them someday.” “Why would you need to do that?” “I don’t know. But if I wanted to, I would have the books to look at.”
    UGH! If I had extra time, I’d come help you throw shit away. I love it THAT much. I want to be a professional organizer person, and have my own show like “Mission Organization.”


  3. I’ve been slowly attacking our house the same way, and trying to analyze my tendency to hang on with a death grip to the most ridiculous thing. WHY DO I NEED SO MUCH CRAP? The answer is, I DON’T need it, not the way my sentimental tendencies seem to think I do. I’ve started experimenting by just up and throwing stuff out to see how I feel later, and–SURPRISE!–I don’t care! Still not sure what makes me think I will.
    My goal this year is to rid our house of at least 10%, if not closer to 25%, of the stuff that we have, and NOT replace it. (As in, stop buying stuff! WE DON’T NEED MORE STUFF!) I don’t want my daughter to be one of those spoiled brats who has so many toys she can barely walk through her room, and in order to not let her be like that *I* shouldn’t have a room stuffed with “toys”.
    But it would be so much easier if I weren’t so blasted *attached* to stuff….


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