We’ll miss you, Molly

In high school I was the kid counting down the days, not until I could drive, but until I could vote.

I carried around a battered copy of Molly Ivins’ Nothin’ but Good Times Ahead, and I used it to model a writing style that got me into a lot of trouble then (Too colloquial! Too biased! Your tone is conversational!). She showed me I could write like I wanted to, make an intelligent point, and never have to forsake humor – or emotion.

Losing Ann Richards was tough, but now with Molly gone, where will we get our fair dose of smart, hilarious, liberal diatribes?

She was only 62.

I’m so sad tonight.

3 thoughts on “We’ll miss you, Molly

  1. I friend of mine worked with her during her very brief stint in Minneapolis. He asked her about the time in Dallas when her newspaper, the Times-Herald, was shut down. Happened on a Sunday.
    Molly said “It was just like those bastards to do it on a Sunday when the liquor stores were closed!”


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