we both need a margarita

we eschew sleep
energy, smiling – for wimps
baggy eyes are in

Here is a sample of the wee-er one’s current sleep schedule:

7:30pm – fall asleep in swing
8:30pm – wake up hollering
9:00pm – fall asleep on daddy’s chest
10:00pm – wake up hollering
10:30pm – fall asleep nursing
12:30am – wake up thrashing and kicking
12:45am – fall asleep nursing
1:15am – wake up thrashing and kicking
1:45am – fall asleep nursing
2:30am – wake up thrashing and kicking
3:00am – fall asleep nursing
3:30am – wake up thrashing and kicking
3:45am – fall asleep nursing
4:30am – wake up thrashing and kicking
4:45am – fall asleep nursing
5:30am – wake up thrashing and kicking
6:00am – fall asleep nursing
8:00am – wake up because big brother comes bounding into room, energized from his full night of sleep
10:00am – fall asleep in swing
10:30am – wake up
1:00pm – fall asleep in swing
1:30pm – wake up
6:00pm – fall asleep in swing
6:30pm – wake up

I’ve left out the various times of shouting and wailing and laughing and playing that happen amongst the sleeping and waking and nursing.

The hell is going on here? She’s been doing this for, like, THREE WEEKS now. I’m going to lose my mind. Tylenol sort of helps in that she’ll sleep for maybe one and half or two hours at a time. But I can’t drug her every night.

Man. I’m blaming teething and learning to crawl, and wanting to pull up. But dammit. Mama is turning into a very grouchy zombie. And grouchy zombies aren’t as fun to have around as it may sound.

4 thoughts on “we both need a margarita

  1. My first one slept great, my second one is a nightmare, and that’s mostly b/c I don’t want to hear him cry. But check out “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth. Good stuff there.
    If she’s still like this after you wean her, then take the wee one to a hotel for a “fun Mommy sleep over night” and let Daddy suffer through the crying. They handle it way better than we do. A friend did that and her 8 month old sleeps all night now.


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