I want to blog but I only have boring things to talk about

I am a writer
stringing nouns, verbs, adjectives
that’s my compulsion

Well, I have nothing new or interesting to say today but because I can’t stand not writing, I’m just going to bore you with my repetitive blah blah blah-ing.

The house is not de-cluttered yet. This should come as no surprise. However, it seems to be gradually getting cleaner, so even though I’m afraid of jinxing everything I’ll say: We’re Making Progress. Huzzah!

On the Not Making Progress front, the wee-er one still isn’t sleeping. So I’m taking her to the doctor today. It will cost me $30 and we’ll all probably catch the flu, but I need some kind of professional healer to tell me that it isn’t normal for a seven-month-old to nearly completely stop sleeping. I need this same professional to offer me solutions. I’m pretty sure the doctor is going to say that she’s (the wee-er one, not the doctor) teething and going through a developmental burst and that’s that. But because I’m desperate and tired, maybe hearing this from a doctor will make me feel better and thus I’ll be able to make the wee-er one feel better. Or something. She’s just so happy and cheerful in the day time (for the most part.) I don’t know what gives. She’s a superhero, I guess. Super Baby SleepSucks. That works on so many levels.

On the Also Not Making Progress front: my new book. A book I’ve been writing for over a year now… I CANNOT FINISH IT. I know how I want to end it. I know what should happen. I know the characters, I have the voices and tone down. I love how everything sounds so far, and I think that what I have can easily be edited and whittled down and second and third-drafted into an awesome book. I just have to actually finish it. Having some time and some sleep would help, but even when I do have time and sleep I’m pretty much stuck.  I’m very irritated by this, because when I write, I’m happy. When I write, all is well with the world. When I write, I feel great. And when I don’t write I feel tired and dumpy and boring.

Speaking of booooooooring, I’m going to stop writing this now, lest you fall asleep at your computer, spill your coffee on the keyboard, and electrocute yourself. That would be bad and I would want to deny responsibility even though it would be all my fault.

One thought on “I want to blog but I only have boring things to talk about

  1. My son (now 24) went thru the “I don’t need sleep” syndrome for 9 months….from the day he was born. I thought I was losing my mind. I kept a journal of his sleep patterns, which looked a lot like yours. My suggestion is to stop that. It just reinforces, in your mind, the fact that YOU are getting NO sleep either. He was my first and all I knew was that babies ate, slept and pooped. At least that’s what the books said. I’d expected an entirely different situation than the one I was put in by this non-sleeping child. Thirty minutes max at any time, day or night was all he’d sleep. After awaking, he’d be so pleasant and happy and stay awake for hours. Ergo, I got NO sleep. AND, I was not only nursing, I also had a full time job. I was able to leave in the morning and at lunch to go nurse him and then again in the afternoon. My doctor figured I was a nut, but I was just an old hippie, trying to do the “right thing, the best thing” for my child. I asked if it was normal and he simply said “They do get over it”. This child has managed to grow into a wonderful person, even with no sleep for the first nine months of his life. So, I hope your trip to the doctor was uneventful and that he reassured you that this too will pass.


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