***we interrupt this regularly scheduled Oscar diatribe***

eight days on market
one tired mom keeping things clean
three offers on house!

Well, technically we have two offers because the third family decided to not officially make their offer when they found out about the other two.

But still – TWO real offers! The house was only on the market eight days when the offers came in. And here we thought it was going to take at least three months, if not more!

We’ve accepted one of the offers, countered the other one to keep as a back-up and now we’re in freaking out mode. How will the inspection go? Will the contract really go through? If it does go through will we find a house to buy before the end of March?

The place we were in love with a few days ago is seemingly less than perfect now – we don’t know much about the school. We’re not sure about the crazy HOA fees or how the houses are going to hold up over over time (it’s a new house, and the neighborhood is full of pretty houses now, but they’re all spanking new, you know? How will they age?) And the houses are so close together it’s almost like they’re condos. Making the transition from a huge yard and a cul-de-sac to a large house, tiny yard and neighbors you could shake hands with if you reached out your window, would be hard. Of course, we know that moving closer to the city means closer quarters to your neighbors, it’s just… we’re not sure.

We’re going to look at more houses this week and cross our fingers for a good outcome from the inspection. I’m going to continue to freak out (and be very secretly pleased with myself for keeping a house so clean that other people actually want to LIVE IN IT).


Oh, and how about those crazy shadow people at the Oscars? How awesome were they?

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