A funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store

not just a packrat of stuff
but memories, too

Well, this was bound to happen. I’m starting to get a little mushy about this moving thing. It’s amazing how keeping your house uncluttered and spotless makes you actually enjoy living in it. And though my house is tiny and I don’t fit in very well in my conservative-nascar neighborhood, I really do love my abode. I love how we’ve painted the walls. I love the funky light fixtures it took us so long to find and buy. I love the ginormous backyard that gives full sun to my sort-of-successful vegetable garden. I love that my back porch has a ceiling fan, so I can sit out there and stare at the trees and almost avoid completely melting in the summer. I love that we live on a cul-de-sac and that the wee one has friends he can play with. I love that we have a new HEB Plus where I can buy hippie food without having to drive 40 minutes into town.


I also love that we are moving. I love that the new house is so close to downtown that my husband’s commute will be cut by a HUGE amount. I love that I’ll be able to buy hippie food at any fancy grocery store I want, because they’ll all be so close to us. I love that we’ll be able to eat out at non-chain restaurants. I love that we’ll be able to go to museums and the Capitol and UT without having to pack the car as if we were driving on a cross country adventure. I love that we’ll be closer to friends and family and that we’ll be less isolated.

I look around this morning and I can feel how the burbs are just jumping with growth. The house that we’re in right now is very close to a new toll road that just opened. There are plans for a huge water park and skate park and commuter train – all to be built within just a few miles of this place. Movie theaters, Targets, more new homes, a hospital – so many things are under construction out here. I almost feel like a fool to be moving away from all of it.

You know what, though? I’ll be more than happy to drive to the water park or skate park or whatever, more so than I would be to have to drive that same distance to get to a decent breakfast taco or visit a university library.

So I’m sentimental, but happy. I’m doubting, and yet as sure as I’m going to be. And even with all of the conflicting feelings I have, I can say with 100% confidence that I love the city of Austin. I love the people, I love the culture, I love the size, I love how the city looks, I love the weather, I love the vibe of this town. I feel so fortunate to live here and to be able to raise my kids here. Sure it’s not perfect, but that’s another reason why I love it so. I feel affectionate towards the imperfections of my town; those moles and warts make it great.

Watch out, mole-y, wart-y, beautiful, funky, taco-y, vibrant, lovely, traffic-y, suburban-lite south Austin. Here I come (as long as all the contracts go through).

3 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store

  1. Congratulations! I’m a “townie,” and let me tell you, it’s great here. You’ll love it, and you won’t miss the ‘burbs one bit.
    We’re struggling with the idea of adding on to our house so that we don’t have to leave the center of town. It’s so hard to make the leap, but we know it will be worth it when it’s over.


  2. WORD! Get your badness down here!!!!!!!!!
    And the HEB at Slaughter/Escarpment has hippie stuff, too, if you are jonesing for a hit of HEB.
    Seriously, though, I can so identify with so much of this journey. So fun to watch! YAY! 🙂


  3. Congrats! Having moved from Austin to Atlanta one year ago, while toting a 6 month-old through the process – I have a couple of comments for you:
    1) City of Austin is one of the best places to live in the world -you won’t regret moving closer in, in fact you may regret the years you lived so far out.
    2) Moving with wee ones is hard. Cut yourself some slack, hire packers.
    3) Give Austin a loud “YeeeeHawwww” for me


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