just hanging out…

a cognitive leap
the world is coming alive
no time for sleeping!

Last night the wee-er one decided, after waking up every hour on the hour from 10pm-2am, to just stop sleeping completely. I’m thinking this is due to the 8-month cognitive leap that babies tend to have. She’s started standing in the past few weeks, and her babytalk has morphed from "hoo-ahh" and "mamamamamama" to something more complicated and pirate-ish like, "glargy, glarg!"

Last night, though, while she was giggling and talking like a pirate and trying to use my head as a hand rail to boost herself to a standing position, I was not very happy about this cognitive leap. In fact, I distinctly remember shouting, "IN THE MORNING YOU BETTER BE FRICKIN RIDING A UNICYCLE AND SINGING THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER!"

So, wee-er one, I’m sorry I shouted at you and requested that you perform circus tricks for me. Though you have to admit it would be pretty darn cool if your current cognitive leap repetoire included talking like and pirate AND riding a unicycle.

Babies! I shake my fist at you! (But not in a threatening way. Only in a frustrated way. A frustrated, exhausted, pirate-y way.)


One thought on “just hanging out…

  1. Hi! I just popped in after reading your lovely haiku book. A good friend of mine bought it at Whole Earth provisions over in San Antonio and thought I needed it. Since I have 20 month old twins, am writing a dissertation, and recently moved from one state to another, (not metaphoric states, either, although that could be argued too) I understand a bit of what you’re going through. I love your haikus. They made me yearn longinly for the undoubtedly very clever haikus I once wrote for a funny bartender (five of them! on a napkin!) who probably just threw them away. They might have been a totally new genre, too. Bartender haikus! Drunken notes on napkins! How fun! Of course, those days are behind me lately
    Anyway. Good luck with the small pirate. And the move to downtown Austin. I totally feel your need to skip that commute. We just moved from San Antonio, and we used to have to drive through Austin to get here to Shreveport, and that commute can be hell on wheels.
    I’m blogrolling you, so don’t be surprised if more weirdos (hi mom) show up here. 🙂


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