rescue remedy
not like a margarita
but I will make do

stressful yet boring
moving is a big ass pain
worthy ass pain, though

loan officer job
a special level of hell
so much paperwork

I’m calling and making appointments today – things like scheduling the movers and the carpet cleaners and the delivery of our crate o’ crap. I know this means that the closing dates are going to get all jacked up, though. Even trying to plan things a week in advance makes me nervous.

In order to save you from an incredibly boring post about moving and packing and house things and all of the piles and piles of weirdness I’m discovering in my garage (seven unopened tubes of white oil paint, anyone?), I’m going to stop writing now and continue with my calling and packing and yelling at the wee one and stubbing of my toes and sneezing from dust and silently weeping into my lukewarm green tea that I even initiated this process in the first place.

Oh, before I go – for those of you who knew this was going on, here’s an update:


For those of you who didn’t know that was going on:

Aren’t you glad you didn’t know?

OK. Gotta run.

3 thoughts on “busybusybusybusy

  1. Moving sucks, but it will be SO worth it. This time next month, you’ll be (mostly) settled and loving life as a southie once again. HOORAH! Good luck. Buy lots of tape.


  2. uh i understand, im in the process of moving from ohio to san francisco for 3 months…so only allowed 2 50 lb suitcases.. What do you bring? what do you leave? its so crazy.


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