binge worthy

hushing the shusher
it’s a very noisy way
to get some quiet

Last night I had about had it. So I went out ostensibly for a milkshake and some quiet time. Instead I bought $97 worth of books.

Some people, when stressed, binge on alcohol or food. I binge on books. It’s not like I have time to read them. (I still haven’t finished reading all of the cool middle grade books from my last binge.) But, oh did it feel good. I raced around the bookstore, grabbing hardcovers and paperbacks, fiction and non-fiction, old and new. I bought so many books my bag broke as I walked to my car.

I stood there, in the muggy rain, in the dark, using my quick mama-trained reflexes to catch my books before they hit the wet ground and I laughed and laughed, because at that moment I was so giddily happy over all my new purchases, I didn’t care if I was mowed over by speeding teens in the parking lot. I didn’t care I had just spent way, way too much money. I didn’t care that I was wet and exhausted and still milkshake-less. I had books. New books! And for a brief hour and a half of perusing and shopping and buying and driving I didn’t think about packing or scheduling movers or why in the name of all fartknocking assmunchers the buyers for my house are being such a pain in my jiggly butt. I was happy to surround myself with books and books and books and books and nothing else.

This move is going to be very detrimental to my pocketbook and my free time. At the new house I’m going to be so close to the greatest bookstore of all time that I could reasonably find myself there several times a week. I’m going to have to get cracking and write some more books myself so that I can fund my raging, book-binge habit.

Wanna know what I picked up?

The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene (a book I’ve been trying to read forever. I keep checking it out from the library and renewing it until they won’t let me renew it anymore)

The $64 Tomato, by William Alexander (the true story of a guy – a blogger, I think – who is nuts over vegetable gardening – it’s a pretty funny read so far)

The Brief History of the Dead, by Kevin Brockmeier (such a great premise – the dead live on the earth with the living as long as the living remember them. There’s also something about an Antarctic research station. I haven’t started reading this one yet)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke (another one I’ve been trying to read forever, and that the library keeps forcing me to return before I’m ready)

Sister Mine, by Tawni O’Dell (this is the one weird one. I don’t usually go for mystery/crime/chick lit novels, but this one seemed kind of fun, with smart girls and Russian gangsters. I’ll give it a whirl)

Heyday, by Kurt Andersen (it’s 1848 and technology is booming. Trains, photography, the telegraph, newspapers, the gold rush, opium… it’s a heady time and I’m a sucker for historical fiction)

It’s time to go read a book now, and ignore my responsibilities as long as I can.

Yay books!

Yay procrastination!

Yay Farrah hair! (The humidity has done something crazy, yet wonderfully ’70s, to my hair)

4 thoughts on “binge worthy

  1. I wish I’d bought some graphic novels, but YOU try to find anything decent at B&N.
    Plus, with my handy-dandy Adam Graphic Novel Library, who needs to buy? ;P


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