it’s the final countdown. ba da ba buuuum. ba da ba ba buuuum.

fine sprinkle of filth
the reason for dusting things
suddenly is clear

like small Volkswagens
how many things can you fit
boxes: not magic

joining the Luddites
many days Internet free
good thing I bought books

I’m getting ready to go off the grid for a few days. There’s nothing like inflexible home buyers causing your family to be homeless for a few days to really get your knickers in a snit.

We’ll be staying with family and paying with their wii (dirty!), not panhandling, so that’s good. I don’t know what my Internet access is going to be like, though, so chances are I won’t be back to the blog until late Thursday or Friday. If calamity strikes, though, I’ll find a damn Internet cafe to keep you apprised. This is how lame/obsessed/crazy/egotistic/suffering for empathy I am. So stayed tuned just in case.

Please do your Oprah thing and send positive thoughts out into The Universe that all of the closings and moving and buyer walk-throughs go well and stop costing me an extra $200 EVERY TIME I EFFING TURN AROUND. Except use better language. I think The Universe is mad at me for cursing at it so much lately.

OK. Off to pack more shit. And to find a saxamaphone to play on the corner so I can earn all of the extra money I just found out I have to pay for stupid dumbass crap.

Into the Matrix I go. Wish me luck.

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