best thing bout new house
carpet, walls, floors – they’re all clean
well, for a minute

We’re in the new house! We’re almost all unpacked! All of my furniture looks woefully crappy! Yay!

Having both closings on the same day went as smoothly as it could. There was only one small hiccup with a non-faxed HUD settlement statement, but my Realtor kicked some butt and literally took some names and all was sorted out.

Our three days of homelessness were enjoyed playing the wii at my sister-in-law’s house. When everything finally arrived at the new place on Wednesday morning, the movers broke a tiny part off of my TV and only bashed in one wall, so I’m calling it a success. With the piles and piles of stuff they were moving and the stoned giggles emanating from their grills, I think the damage report could have been much worse. Those guys were sort of fun in a "holy crap be careful with my stuff" kind of way. It almost made me wish I was a mover. Almost.

Right now our only major crisis (other than me deciding to keep driving the wee one to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays thus necessitating FOUR HOURS in the car for me. Bad idea. I’m totally gonna reneg on my promise, I think) is that the TiVo has decided to crap out. (Disaster!) So now our most important decision of the day is, do we get a new TiVo or go with the Time Warner DVR? I’m wont to go with TiVo because TiVo is incredibly cool, and there are all kinds of extras that the regular DVR doesn’t have (Season Passes, Amazon UnBox, and lots of other stuff). However, the DVR is only $6 a month or something.

I still have boxes to unpack, a school to call, floors to vacuum (I already miss my fake wood floors. I’m going to have to have a bake sale or something so I can put in some floors), a baby to feed, a book to finish, a never-ending list of to dos, but right now my only concern is the TiVo. Ha.

As a fun side note, during the move the wee-er one learned to clap. Every time someone would walk in the room or make a loud noise or rip open a box she would look startled for a second and then clap as if we were the London Philharmonic finishing up a spectacular concert. It was hilarious and wonderful.

The wee one taught himself how to land on his feet after jumping to the ground from six stairs up. Not quite so cute and heart-warming, but a talent we all need, I guess.

I am SO GLAD this move is over. I will end this post with unsolicited advice:

Putting your house on the market, cleaning it, staging it, selling it to people who will surprise you by going psycho five days before closing and back out on their leaseback agreement forcing you to move out and live with your relatives for three days, finding a new place, moving out, and moving into the new place ALL IN FOUR WEEKS is way too stressful. If you don’t have to do it that quickly, don’t. I have a new gray streak in my hair from all of this. At least it looks cool. (Well, I’m pretending that it does.)

I have to go call the TiVo people now, well, after I reassemble the wee one from yet another brusing jump off the stairs. Sigh. Have a good Friday

One thought on “Boo!

  1. I’m glad you all made it there in (almost) one piece. Imagine my burst of glee when I saw a new post today!:) Oh and by the way, we love our DVR and it is a STEAL at $6 a month. They’ve also updated them, so you can do almost as much as tivo.


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