Mother’s Day haiku!

treat mama or self
funny haiku all the rage
you know you want it

Hey, so Mother’s Day is almost exactly a month a way (it’s May 13th). And I’m sure you’re like, "Whuh? Mother’s Day? I only think about Mother’s Day on the morning it arrives, and then I’m like, ‘oh crap, did I send a card?’" and that’s fine. Mother’s Day sneaks up on us all.

Except for this year.

This year you will be prepared.

This year you will decide that giving your mama (or yourself) a signed copy of Haiku Mama is the bestest gift in the whole wide world!

But you don’t live near me. I don’t live near you. Signings are still being planned (or not planned, as the case may be). How will you make this most excellent idea a reality? How will you buy your mama (or yourself) that signed copy of Haiku Mama? How?? HOW???

Email me: haikuoftheday AT gmail DOT com, or click on the "email me" link over there in the top left corner. Tell me how many books you want, if you want them signed (or to whom you want them signed). Then you can paypal me $13 per book. I will sign them and mail them to you without charging extra for that pesky shipping and handling!

So, a recap?

1) Mother’s Day? It’s soon! Yikes!
2) Your mama (and/or you) would love a SIGNED copy of Haiku Mama
3) Email me at haikuoftheday AT gmail DOT com and let me know how many books you want
4) Paypal me $13 per book
5) I will sign the books exactly as you request
7) You get your book(s). You laugh and laugh and laugh and then remember that one of them is for your mom.
8) She laughs and laughs and gives you a big hug and then leaves you alone about why you never buy her anything nice.
9) Everyone is happy. Haiku takes over the world.
10.) The end.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day haiku!

  1. Hey! I didn’t say NO ONE was paying pesky shipping. Out of the kindness of my cold black heart, *I* am paying pesky shipping.
    No token conservatives will be starved with this endeavor. Probably.


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