very shocking day
revolting current events
watts going on here?

Yesterday the wee-er one learned how to crawl up the stairs. She also nearly electrocuted herself. It was a big day in the haikuoftheday household.

First, the electrocution:

As I was busy winning the mother of the year award simultaneously cooking lunch and talking on the phone and answering questions about why Spiderman has super powers and yet still can’t fly, the wee-er one was busy disconnecting the power cable from the Roomba and putting said cable INTO HER MOUTH while the other end was still plugged into the wall.

Oh, the crying.

She is fine, though. Upon thorough inspection, her mouth looked as if nothing happened – no burn marks or scorches or new capability to tune FM radio channels through her teeth. Her hair did not stand on end, and she cannot shoot lightning bolts from her fingertips. She also has not touched the Roomba since. I don’t actually have any confirmation that she was shocked, but I’m guessing she must have received at least a little zap.

A few minutes after the zap she suddenly figured out how to climb up the stairs. Coincidence, death wish, or both? Did the electrical current fast forward her brain? If she shocks herself again will she start speaking Latin – and learn how to crawl down the stairs?

I admit I’m curious.

But not THAT curious.

Yay, Friday the 13th! I’m so happy we (barely) survived.

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