nappy-handed girl

mmm absorbant gel
delicate pampers bouquet
freshens breath and floor

Sorry about the title. Is it tacky? I was going to go with My Chemical Lovey but that seemed lame. Not that this title isn’t also lame, but, well… oh whatever. Enough of this stupid argument. Self? Both titles suck.

OK. So the wee-er one has found a lovey. Up to this point she hasn’t been interested in pacifiers or blankets or bears or baby dolls. The wee one never had a lovey, either, so I figured my boobs would continue to be the loveies for everyone in the family and that would be that.


The wee-er one has chosen her lovey. It is a diaper. Pampers to be exact. She would prefer it hefty and wet, I insist on dry and clean. She grabs a diaper, smiles like it is Jesus risen, and happily crawls away with it, stopping every now and then to gnaw on it or otherwise attempt to leech out the chemicals and gels and other horrifying things that should not be in her mouth.

I’m not sure what to do about this. On the one hand, I realize this isn’t optimal and I should find a relacement. On the other hand, a diaper as lovey is very easy to replace as it gets dirty or lost. Also, as she crawls around with it, it does a decent job of picking up dog hair and keeping my floor clean-ish.

Again, the battle is between what’s best for the baby, and what enables the lazy mom to remain lazy. These decisions are so difficult.

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