and a partridge in a pear tree…

you wily microbes
our road runner is pink goo
she is after you

So. Here’s last week by the numbers:

3 out of 4 ears infected.
All sinuses infected.
2 out of 4 EYES infected.
3 jugs of pink gooey medicine.
1 jug of pink gooey medicine spilled on the floor.
Pretty much 1/2 of another jug of pink gooey medicine spilled on various shirts, shorts, underpants, onesies, pillows, sheets and carpets.
Maybe 3 nights with actual sleep.
5 blowout diapers on day 2 of the meds
1 $12 box of acidophiles packets
0 acidophiles packets used once as it was deemed yogurt and cheese were most likely the culprits of the blowout diapers
1 supremely snotty and cranky mama (who thankfully? got infected after everyone else).

Happily, most of this was over by last Thursday. I still feel like I’m recovering from it, though. Not from the snot and more snot – I’m recovering from the stress of taking two sick kids to the doctor at once. Uh, that sucks. Especially when one of the sick kids feels OK enough to crawl all over the floor of the sick kid waiting room, basically bathing himself in exotic and disgusting germs. *shiver* However, we did get the Star Wars exam room, and that was thrilling for everyone (including me) because it is just chockful with fun things to look at, so we spent out time waiting for the doc discussing Jango Fett’s spaceship and not giant q-tips being stabbed down your throat. Hooray for that.

In other news, the wee one’s birthday is right around the corner. We have it narrowed down to three birthday party themes:

1) Star Wars (shocking, I know)
2) Pirates (but not Johnny Depp pirates. I won’t let him watch those movies, so we’re more into the Playmobil pirates who smile and look kind of high)
3) Mythbusters (where all the kids can wear berets and mustaches and I can be a graying and not quite so buxom Kari and we can conduct experiments with mentos and Coke)

3 seems like the most fun to me, but it’s not my party, so I guess I’m going to end up crying into my Star Wars cup as I concoct a Slave II birthday cake. But, dude, how fun would a Mythbusters birthday be? Ah, well, my birthday is in September. Get your mustaches ready.

5 thoughts on “and a partridge in a pear tree…

  1. the red-headed guy from mythbusters comes into moki’s pretty regularly. maybe if i tell him about all the infections at your house he could do a show at sam’s birthday party? experiments with pink eye and ice cream? is it true that milk creates mucus? how about breast milk?


  2. I love the star wars room. And I’m feeling like such a bad mama coz Josh doesn’t know about star wars yet. But I did let him watch Johnny Depp’s pirates. He loved it.


  3. And what would the Mythbusters cake be?! We (esp. my 8 year old) love MBs! I’m looking for glasses like Adam’s for my son’s Halloween costume–his bday is Oct. 30, so we can make it a MB birthday and Halloween!


  4. Ah pirate birthday parties! The 3 yr old that I babysit had a pirate birthday and it was complete with a treasure hunt, plank walking and a reading of the book “How I became a pirate” was a fun time!
    If you ever want to do a sports birthday..let me know, the 5 yr old had one and they did all the foods you would eat at a sporting event – popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, hot dogs and nachos


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