a quiet sunday evening

looking for new love
fluffy, smelly, licky love
I must be crazy

So we’re on the hunt for a new dog. We toyed with the idea of getting a kitty, but we’ve never had a cat before and they tend to spontaneously attack me (maybe they can sense my uneasiness around them?) so cats are out.

Now the question becomes – puppy or older dog? I’m all over the idea of getting a rescued older dog. Preferably with three legs and one eye and a name like Beelzebub. I’d love to have a slower-moving, cuddly hunk of fur that will love us forever. The other two voting members of the family want a puppy.


And who will be at home twelve hours a day with a piddling, nipping puppy, hyper pre-schooler and hysterical baby? NOT the grown-up person who’s voting for the puppy. I think this means my vote should be weighted. I’m not against having a puppy, but I don’t relish the amount of work it’s going to take. I’m already about four arms short of what I need to be able to successfully juggle my days. But then… then I remember being a kid and having a puppy. It was so fun. And I do love the idea of my kids growing up with a little fur ball; learning to take of him; loving him as he grows and mellows. But I think we could have that with a rescue dog who’s a little older and who’s urine I won’t have to clean out of my door frames.

Plus, we have the issue of the wee-er one being suddenly spontaneously terrified of anything furry. Wait, strike that. She’s terrified of anything furry that weighs less than 50 pounds. A tiny, tiny, tiny mewing kitten? Major screaming freakout. A mid-size terrier? Major screaming freakout. A golden retriever the size of a garbage truck? A brief frown and then all smiles. My husband gleefully takes this to mean we need a biiiiig dog. Well, a puppy that will quickly turn into a biiiiig dog. Maybe. Or maybe after spending more than a few minutes with a mid-size dog the wee-er one will calm down.

As you can tell, we’re not getting another dog any time soon. But we’re thinking about it, and that’s a good step, I think.

3 thoughts on “a quiet sunday evening

  1. Oh, please, please get an older dog!! We got our dog as a rescued 8 week old puppy (who was taken from his mom at 5 weeks) when my oldest was almost two and my youngest-at-the-time was 14 months old. Rocket turned out to be a fantastic dog, and we love him like crazy, but puppies are harder than babies. Between the crying all night, the housetraining, and the fact that he tried to eat EVERYTHING we owned for almost a year, I will never again get a dog younger than 2.


  2. my parents adopted a 2 year old dalmation mix last year from the program that lets prison inmates that are on good behavior train a dog for 6 months and it is a really really great dog! puppies are so fun and cute but adopting a dog is so great. I also lived with a dog that was a boxer/great dane mix from the boxer rescue and it was the sweetest, most loving dog ever.


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