momlarm clock

who needs normal time
when you have the momlarm clock?
mom time ALL the time

The wee one just told me it was past almost. He’s been trying to get me upstairs to play and I’m hedging… just trying to get a couple of things done on the computer, etc. But his comment struck me as really funny and clever. That’s what all mom’s need, isn’t it? The Momlarm Clock. Instead of having numbers, it has "In A Minute" and "Just A Second" and "Almost Ready" and "Give Me Two Minutes" and "TWO MORE MINUTES!" and "Just About There" and "Not Quite Yet." What else?

I could totally use a clock like this, front and center on my kitchen wall.

"I know I said I’d be there In A Minute, but it’s looking more like ‘TWO MORE MINUTES’ OK? When the big hand goes past Almost There you can eat your cookie and then TWO MORE MINUTES won’t be that far away. Sound good? Excellent."

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