I’m that mom

selfishness wins out
innapppropriate music
plays loud all day long

Can I just say how incredibly fantastic Amy Winehouse is? Her blues-y, retro, emotion-infused music has become my soundtrack for the past week or so. It’s like listening to a really pissed off Sarah Vaughn – but you only hear the pissed off-ed-ness if you listen to the lyrics. Otherwise, it’s lovely 50’s girl band kind of music with a tad of Big Band and a sneeze of soul. That kind of smooth and then kicky melody, juxtaposed with sailor-mouth lyrics creates such a fabulous, hilarious irony, I can hardly stand it.

Any song that starts off with a slow-moving, easy big band sound with lyrics that coo, "What kind of fuckery is this?" is A-OK in my book.

I. Love. It.

I just hope I’m not ruining my kids forever by listening to it over and over again. Pesky kids.

Also? I apologize for my completely horrible way of describing music. I am a lame music describer (Describist?). What can I say?

2 thoughts on “I’m that mom

  1. um…here is where I admit that Fiona sings ‘They tried to make me go to rehab and I said No, No, No’ in the backseat of the car. seriously.
    failing mother,


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