it’s not easy being green

offset emissions
maybe just stop eating beans
forget CFLs

Well, we went out and bought a giant box of CFLs, thinking that we are now on the road to being green badasses. Then I put the bulbs into my kitchen light fixture and -sigh- I HATE THEM.

It’s like living in an all night diner or an emergency room or possibly a dressing room at Macy’s. They are blinding and they hang down too long from the light coverings so it looks like my light fixture is made up of upside down nuclear ice cream cones. Did I mention I hate them? I HATE THEM.

We bought the "warm" kind, so they do kind of give off a faint pink glow, but that doesn’t offset the yucky fluorescent-ness. Boo. I’m with Kermit on this one.

I did find this site, though, that seems pretty awesome. You can search for exactly what kind of bulb would make you squeal in glee and then see examples and reviews.

I just blogged about light bulbs, didn’t I? My life is incredibly interesting and glamorous.

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