Happy Day, Mama’s!

bra-less and sunburned
eating donuts on the porch
feels like vacation

I’m usually good about not getting sunburned, unless I’m at a football game or on vacation. Yesterday, I was at neither and yet I still managed to scorch my back bright red like some kind of yankee hot dog.

So I’m enjoying my Mother’s Day slathered in lidocaine-infused aloe. It automatically makes me feel more relaxed, because the only time I use that stuff is at the beach. Ha. Who knew the secret to total relaxation was to cover oneself in medicated goo and sit on the porch, pretending that the train going by is really ocean waves?

I’m off to continue my beach bound fantasy. But first I’m going to grab a Krispy Kreme and my sunglasses. Call me hillbilly, if you must, but sunburned, porch rocking, donut eating is the ONLY way to spend a Sunday morning.

I hope y’all enjoy your Day of Mother’s as much as I’m enjoying mine….

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