music for the kids
does not have to wiggle, squeak
wee rock is OK

A million years ago I got a CD for the wee one (for free, woo!) and I told the nice CD people that I’d mention it on the blog if I liked it.

Well, liked it, I did (and Yoda talk it makes me apparently). And the wee one loves it. Even the wee-er one is happy to bob her head along to the music, though it isn’t as hardcore as she typically likes.

I asked the wee one what his favorite song is and – this should surprise no one – it’s Mudhoney’s I Like to Make Noise and Break Things. "It’s really loud and it talks about breaking things!" he shouts with glee. Then he looks sideways at me and says, "But it doesn’t MAKE me want to break things." Ah, I’ve trained him well.

We also enjoy Picnic by Young Fresh Fellows even though, for the wee one, it counts as a purely magical mystical song and it doesn’t encourage him to eat healthy or even think of healthy foods. He thinks it’s hilarious that a song might be about food. I guess that is kind of hilarious.

Anyway, we really like Play. And I’m happy to support indie artists trying to make kids music that doesn’t suck. You can check it out here – there are even a couple of songs to listen to. For free. Hurrah!

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