getting old

every time I cough
a little escaping fart
makes me butt of jokes

3 thoughts on “getting old

    when I sneeze, a little pee comes out.
    Most of my sneezes are followed my mumbled, “SHIT”s and Chris laughing, giving me a “Did you just pee a little bit?” look. Nice.


  2. my mom sneezed in the frozen foods section of the grocery store once when i was a teenager and peed her pants. she looked down at the dark stain between her legs, sighed, and continued shopping. i mean, who did she have to impress in land o’ lakes anyway? own it, girl.


  3. Not old, my dear. Just someone who has pushed something roughly the size of a cantaloupe out of a hole the size of a lemon. Wait. Make that 2 somethings.
    And consider yourself lucky that you’re not passing “wet” ones!


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