OK, one problem….

Alright. There’s one problem with staying home while the sitter watches the kids….

I forgot to bring food upstairs with me. And there’s no way I can go down there and have the wee-er one see me without her going apeshit. I wonder if Dominos delivers to upstairs windows? The delivery guy could borrow a ladder from the worker dudes building the house across the street.

Or I could eat the stash of biter biscuits I just found in the suitcase (yeah, yeah, I’m not very efficient at unpacking).

Mmmm. Biter biscuits.

One thought on “OK, one problem….

  1. If this ends up being a permanent arrangement, you may want to get a dorm fridge to keep upstairs with a stash of goodies in it. We got one during pregnancy when I was having to eat all night long to fight off the morning sickness, and it’s turned out to be rather nice to have around.


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