today is the first day of the rest of my life

anxious fingers crossed
will I maybe get work done
it’s too soon to tell

Today is the first day of our part-time nanny/babysitter. She’ll be here for four hours while I write. Theoretically, at least. The wee-er one is asleep right now, which means she’ll wake up with a stranger here. She will not be pleased.

The wee one, on the other hand, has been making plans for days now. "First we’ll play pirates! Then we’ll play with my moon sand! Then we’ll eat lunch! Then we’ll play pirates IN THE MOON SAND!" He is so stoked.

And me? I guess I’m cautiously optimistic. I plan to be home for the first few visits, so the wee-er one can nurse when she needs to and adjust to a new face. Then maybe I’ll be able to skeedaddle. It’s actually probably better for me to stay, though. I’ll hole up in my bedroom with the computer, my marked-up manuscript, and some peanuts. I won’t be distracted by coffee shop conversations or tempting aisles of books. Of course, I may be distracted with a wailing baby and a tempting bed for napping, but I’ll overcome those obstacles as they arise.

I owe Random House (ooh! name-dropping!) one edited manuscript by the first few weeks of July. I have GOT to get crackin’. Please please please please please have this babysitter/nanny thing work out. Please please please please.

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