we survived! Sort of…

kids had a great time
sitter wasn’t scared away
dare we whisper yay?

Everything went great with the sitter. The kids were happy, the wee-er one didn’t lose her mind – hooray!

The only problem? Well, now we have barfing. The wee one has hurled twice, though he claims to "mostly feel fine." Both hurling episodes were preceded by him witnessing something gross (baby spitting up, people eating bugs on TV). So I guess by tonight I’ll know what the hell is going on. Is he suddenly very sensitive to gross things, or is he infested with grody germs?


The sitter did mention the wee-er one spitting up a couple of times. She typically doesn’t do that. She’s also still asleep after an hour. She NEVER does that.


Why do have a feeling there’s a tidal wave of grossness sneaking up behind me?


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