Because we are crazy

put down deposit
have exactly two more weeks
before hell breaks loose

We drove out to just north of Lampasas yesterday to take a look at some puppies. In between stopping for the wee one to have water poop, struggling through weird afternoon traffic, and only getting a little bit turned around, we finally made it (nearly 3 hours later!) to our destination.

So maybe I was delirious from travel. Or maybe I’m having some kind of baby flashback from this time last year. Whatever it is was, it caused me to lose all sensibilities and agree to adopt TWO puppies.

We’ll make our way back to Lampasas to pick them up in two weeks, when they’re 8 weeks old and fully weaned. Until then, we bide our time hoping the vet checks turn out well, thinking of names and questioning our sanity.

I think my husband talked me into two puppies not because he wants two dogs, but because he knows this will hasten the demise of our carpet and thus require putting in some nice new floors. Or maybe he just wants an excuse to use the fancy new vacuum I got him for an early Father’s Day present (haha, he got a vacuum for Father’s Day). Or maybe, he’s just getting back at me for the vacuum thing.

They’re mini Australian Shepherds and should grow to be about 30-40 pounds.

Oh, we are in trouble.



5 thoughts on “Because we are crazy

  1. They are absolutely adorable, but you have really and truly lost your mind. Two of any kind would be bad enough, but Australian Shepherds??? Perhaps the Wee One can wear them (and himself) out by allowing them to chase and herd him all day. Cross your fingers.


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