uh, yeah

So we’re totally just going to get one puppy.

I cited the, uh, "support" from my blog readers plus a bunch of websites where vets said something akin to "Anyone who adopts two puppies at the same time is a dumbass." My hubby now firmly agrees with me: just one is just fine.

There’s a joke to made here about children but I won’t do it. That will jinx me into getting pregnant again.

6 thoughts on “uh, yeah

  1. Are these breeder pups or rescue pups? We might be looking for a puppy in the Austin area, too, and those are adorable.


  2. P.S. We went through exactly the same thought process. “Two puppies! What could be cuter than one puppy? Two puppies who keep each other company!” And then I researched it on the internet and got called a dumbass by all the website vets. I was convinced, too. 🙂


  3. How do we pick? The wee one and his daddy say “which one is your favorite, mommy?” and then they choose the other one. Ha.
    Actually, we ended up choosing the darker one because he had an instant rapport with the wee one. They just clung to each other like they’d ben friends forever.


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