how’s it swingin’?

should have happened long ago
outgrowing the swing

The wee-er one is approaching her first birthday (!) and I think she’s officially outgrown her swing. Well, I’m pretty sure she officially outgrew it a while ago, but, to paraphrase Chicago: she loves it and I love it and it loves her and I love it for loving her and she loves it for loving her.

It’s (usually) the fastest, easiest way to get her to nap and it even helps relax her before going to bed at night. We’ve used it SO MUCH MORE with the wee-er one than we did with the wee one. By the time he was a year he would have nothing to do with it. So I don’t have any experience "weaning" a child off of the swing. We’re to the point now, though, that her head grazes the mobile of stuffed animals that hangs down, so I know I need to get her out of it before it becomes a safety issue.

Then I guess I’ll have to buck up and learn how to teach her to sleep on her own. Which is, again, something we should have done months and months ago. Alas. I’m not ready to say farewell to the swing.

You know, this time last year I would have never predicted outgrowing the swing would be my mid-June worry for 2007. I don’t think I would have predicted anything for 2007 because I couldn’t get past my big, fat, hot, broken pelvis pregnant misery. Have I mentioned how happy I am to not be pregnant this June? I do a little dance every time I think about it. And then I have to stop dancing because the wee-er one is hollering. Still. I’ll take a hollering baby over an asshole pelvis any day.

I’m off on a tangent aren’t I?

Anyone know of a swing for older babies?

No, no! Don’t tell me. We have to wean the swing. She has to learn to sleep on her own. Well, on her own with a little help from Rob Zombie, Justin, and Amy Winehouse. (It’s going to be all my fault when she’s a teenager and every time she’s at a rock concert she mysteriously falls asleep. Heh.)

One thought on “how’s it swingin’?

  1. We had to wean our baby off car drives for daily naps. We drove her twice a day every day for the last year or so. Then when our car was in the shop we didn’t have a choice but to try to get her to sleep in the house. I just did everything we do at night, which entails snuggling in bed and letting her molest my boobs while I alternate singing and breathing really deeply. If I don’t get her down early enough, though, it doesn’t work and we have to go back to the car, but she’s getting better. Good luck with that!! 🙂


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