I’m so old

oh teeny-boppers
your assholery appeals
only if it’s real

So I think it’s been established that I’m old and somewhat crotchety. (Though getting laughed at when I show my ID at Spec’s hurts my feelings. I’m not THAT old.)

Because I’m old, uh, -ish, I’m not always on top of things so forgive me for this question, but here goes:

Is Avril Lavigne for real, or what? I mean, I’ve been listening to her latest album and I think it’s hilarious. I imagine Veronica Mars singing most of the songs because there’s this kind of punchy, spunky, irony that I think is on purpose.

It seems to me that it’s teeny-bopper music making fun of teeny-bopper music. That would make it, what? Meta teeny music? You know, like Shrek but instead of a fat green ogre ruling a world of fractured fairy tales (while still starring in a fairy tale) it’s a squeal-y girl making fun of bubble gum pop in such a way that it appeals to bubble gum lovers and old cynical bitches, too?

Or am I just thinking about this way too much?

If Girlfriend is faux bubble gum, then I love it so much. But even if it isn’t, it’s still something that I wish would have existed fifteen years ago. God, it would have lightened up all those Morrissey/Depeche Mode mix-tapes my boyfriend gave me.

One thought on “I’m so old

  1. Just downloaded “Girlfriend” into my iPod today . . . Agree with you on the mix tape thing, would’ve been a nice peppy change from The Cure! Guess I’m jupming on the train with the other cynical, crochety mommas now (who are all listening to Avril and Amy Winehouse imbetween preschooler’s questions about super hero powers)


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