So you think you can walk

toes grip for dear life
frankenstein arms positioned
mama is so proud

Three steps!

There was a one step, one step crash and then a one step stumble. And I was the only one home to see it! I guess it was the So You Think You Can Dance episode we were watching on the TiVo that inspired her. She was staggering and flailing JUST LIKE that wonky jazz routine to The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack.

We’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon taking laps around the living room and by tonight I fully expect her to be helping me clean this place up. Or else practicing for her jazz debut. 

The jidges are so impressed.

3 thoughts on “So you think you can walk

  1. YAY!!!! From one proud momma to another CONGRATS!!! Something special about that show, Yara was shaking her booty to Girlfriend the other night during that jive routine!! Had to rewind it on Tivo 3 times for her!


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