She’s almost one!

speed of time cliche
who knew it could be so true
her first year is… poof!

I can’t believe the wee-er one will be 1 on Sunday. It’s been the shortest year of my life. Seriously. I think this entire year has gone by faster than the last two weeks of my pregnancy did.

I could get all mushy right now, reminiscing about her first few days and her milestones and her birth, etc. But I’m going to have to save that for this weekend. I have a baby to get down for a nap and a puppy pooping on my carpet and a 5-year-old who needs stimulation or he will single-handedly bring the house down around us all. There’s no time for mushy right now.

In fact, there’s no time for birthday party planning. I don’t want to do anything crazy, but I’d still like to do SOMETHING for her, and here it is, the Tuesday before her big day and I have no presents, no plan for a cake, nothing. With the wee one, I was obsessed for months about his cake and his party. (A zoo party – with a giraffe cake, complete with toasted coconut spots. That was back when I thought I had time to make Martha Stewart recipes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

So, basically, I’m feeling a little guilty. My in-laws will be here this weekend to celebrate. And my mom was just here this past week. But I hadn’t really planned on inviting a lot of friends over. Now that the day is nearing, though, I feel a panic creeping up my neck. I should call people! I should go buy useless things so she has a bunch of presents to unwrap! I should consult my cake book to figure out something cool to make!

Is it weird to feel like you’re letting your one-year-old down by only having four people over for some cake? I only feel that way because her brother’s first birthday – while not extravagant – was at least a party. You know?

I’m trying to figure out a cake, and so I’ve come up with her two favorite things:
1. my boobs
2. cheese

So that leaves me with a cake in the shape of boobs, made of cheese. Or a cake in the shape of cheese, with a side of nursing when she’s done.

No pink balloons and giant number ones and ballerinas and Elmo for us, no siree. If we’re doing a cheesy first birthday, we’re doing it literally.

Stay tuned for pictures.

I think.

2 thoughts on “She’s almost one!

  1. Heya Mama. When my littlest turned one, we just invited our best friends over (by which I mean my best friend and her kids), I baked a from-the-box cake with from-the-can icing, and he was the happiest little birthday boy ever. Did not give a rat’s ass about the presents, but the CAKE – oh lord, the cake sent him over the moon.
    And really, what else can you hope for.
    He suffers from second-child syndrome – less of everything, but the reality is he doesn’t even notice, is way happier than #1 ever was, and as long as that trend continues, I am all good with turning into total slacker mom.
    For his second birthday, I invited a few more of my best friends over, and their kids, and they just ran around screaming while the moms got drunk. Um, the party lasted 7 hours. Kids were joyous, child was elated, mamas were very unwell the next day. Success all around!
    Didn’t you know this was all about me?


  2. Ditto the guilt, though it was pointless. My now 2-year-old did not even get the 4 people over. Seriously. No party, no cake, no presents. Her older sister did not have a 2-year birthday party either. Rough year, much like yours.
    The great thing is that almost exactly one year later, no one remembers the lack of parties, and I feel relieved that I didn’t try to make my head explode by doing the “one more thing”.
    Give yourself a break…buy a Kroger cake and lose the guilt. Everyone (including you) will be glad you did! 🙂


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