Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

today she turns one
she ate bow on her dress; cake
big day for big girl

Well, this time last year (2pm) the pushing had not yet commenced, but it would momentarily. Then, not too much later – 2:32pm – sweet Georgia was born. All 8 pounds and 11 ounces of her lustily announcing her arrival. Her daddy cut the cord, the nurse wrapped her up and laid her on my chest, and Georgia looked at me with her dark eyes. It’s been love ever since.

She’s asleep now, worn out from her cheese-tacular party, where we enjoyed cheese cubes, cheese quesadillas, avocados and cheerios (all of her favorites). She gave herself a beard of icing as she demolished her piece of cake (cheese-shaped cake, not actual cheese cake). Even her dress was yellow.

And now I’m all sniffly and sentimental, watching her sleep. This day last year was so tremendous, and at the same time, almost anti-climatic. After all of the drama of the last few months of pregnancy, with my busted pelvis and all the pain of walking and moving, having that epidural and pushing her out after a mere 8 hours of labor… it seemed to happen too fast and too easy. Even with the brief panic attack after some IV antibiotics made my tongue taste bitter, and even as she was crowning and I decided I didn’t want to have a baby and would just maybe wait another day or so… it was still so, well, simple and pleasant. We were out of the hospital in less than 24 hours, resting at home and nursing nursing nursing.

And here she is, snoozing away her very first sugar high. It’s been so hard and fast and lovely, this first year. I can’t believe we’re onto the second year already.

I hope she likes the iPhone and season three of Deadwood we got her. (Just kidding – sippy cups and a shopping cart were her biggies.)

I love you, Georgia Kady, my big, big baby girl.


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