something stinky this way comes

stink is everywhere
can I blame humidity
or is it just me

Man. My kitchen stinks. My laundry room stinks. My baby stinks. My yard stinks. Something very gross is afoot here.

The stink differs from thing to thing, so it’s not, like, something dead in the walls. It’s just this perfect storm of…. what? Old chicken salad, old laundry, poo, and outside poo? I don’t know, but it is ga-ross.

Plus, how is it that I can wash a load of laundry, leave it overnight, and in the morning have it smell like I tossed some roadkill in the basin? Can laundry not sit overnight? I know it stinks after a couple of days, but just a few hours? What gives? I’m all for getting my clothes clean and not mildewy, but sometimes a mama has to go to bed before the dryer is ready.

In other whiny news, the wee-er one headbutted me (or as the wee one says, "butt headed" me) causing my glasses to actually CUT the bridge of my nose. Ow. And attractive, too.

Whine whine whine. I’m off to reorder my netflix queue and say a little prayer that the first disk of season three of Deadwood no long has a "very long wait." I needs me some angry cursing, flithy cowboys. At least then the smell in this house will fit right in.

4 thoughts on “something stinky this way comes

  1. You might have some sort of scum/mildew/etc. grossness on the outside of the washer’s drum. Do you notice a funky smell before you start a load? It might behoove (I love that word and don’t get to use it enough!) you to do an empty load–fill the washer with hot water and add a bunch of white vinegar and agitate on the longest setting. Even if that’s not a problem, it’s good for your washer, nonetheless.


  2. you might try adding baking soda to each load (esp the last load of the day). I do a periodic bleach only (I know) load and if I leave a load for a bit too long (say, 2 days. not that I ever do that) I rerun it with 1/4 cup baking soda and voila! its clean again 🙂
    This is my life. Giving you unsolicited laundry advice. Who knew sahm-hood would be so fulfilling?
    good luck with the stinks


  3. I’m often incapable of getting a load through both washer and dryer in one day. Try the OxiBall–it’s a softball-sized wad of OxiClean that comes in a rubber shell–it replaces regular detergent, so you just leave it in the washer until it’s time for a refill. I noticed that my clothes took longer to get funky with it. Oh–leave the washer open between uses, too.


  4. Thanks for all the rememdies – I’ll try em out and see if they can fix my washer stink.
    I figured out the other stink, too… it seems someone washed dishes (not me, so I can’t really complain) but forgot to flip the disposal switch, thus causing the drain to ferment a bunch of really gross stuff. *shiver*


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