Let’s write a story…

OK. I’m going to start a story, and then you all can keep it going as long as you want. Just make sure that you leave an open ending to your part so that someone else can jump in next…



Once upon a time there was a boy named Sue. As you can imagine, he wasn’t happy to have a girl’s name, even though his dad assured him that many famous – and manly – men had girl’s names. Like Babe Ruth and Leslie Neilsen. Sue wasn’t buying it, though, even with the song that dude who was named after money sang.

One day, Sue was trying to figure out how to change his name by adding another letter to it. Maybe he could be "Sued." That sounded threatening. Or maybe "Suez" – that one was exotic! Sue was busily writing down all of his ideas when he suddenly heard a weird buzzy/flappy noise. He looked to the sky and…

5 thoughts on “Let’s write a story…

  1. …his stomach sank. There, in the sky, were several birds guiding a wobbly Mary Poppins to the ground. She was drunk again. As Sue greeted her at the door, Mary started spewing hateful venom about Jews, blacks, and Republicans. “Now what do you want?” asked Sue, eager to get back to his list. “I’m a bit tipsy”, shouted Mary, “and I’ve always had a fantasy about doing it with another girl. Are you busy?”. Sue cried out “You know I am a boy, you drunken wench!”. Mary, looking quite agitated, reached into her bag and….


  2. threw an ENTIRE spoonful of sugar in Sue’s eyes, temporarily blinding him as Mary made her escape. Sue stumbled across the lawn, eyes watering, brain reeling at the sudden turn of events. Unable to steer his way, he stepped into a hole that had been the months-long project of the neighbor-boy Timmy and his dog Ronco. But to his suprise he did not land with a thump, but rather keep falling, falling, falllling, and after several hours landed on a . . .


  3. …very fat scientist who was studying the wildlife in and around the French Southern & Antarctic Lands. As it turned out, Timmy and Ronco had dug not to China, as planned, but to the southern tip of Grand Terre (Iles Kerguelen), since that is where one ends up when digging straight down from Sue’s home in the farmlands just off route 885, several miles southwest of Medicine Hat, Alberta. “Excuse me, eh!” Sue said. “My prayers have been answered!” exclaimed the voice of a young girl. The scientist wasn’t fat after all, nor was she even a scientist. Bundled beneath many layers of thick, protective clothing was a pretty but lonely little girl about Sue’s age, stranded on Grand Terre while her Papa gathered data about sea turtles. “At last, a friend has emerged from this mysterious hole in the ground!” “Uh, yeah,” said Sue. “Hi. My name’s Sue, eh.” The little girl replied, “Oh, that’s an interesting name for a boy! I’m…”


  4. really glad to meet you, Sue. But why do you keep saying eh, eh? From Canada, are you?”
    “Yes, I was trying to dig to China, but I seem to have taken a different route. Are those sea turtles? Cool! Can I take a couple home with me?!”
    “Papa, look at my new friend, Sue. He’s from Canada, and he wants some turtles.”
    “Oh, well in that case: Hi Sue. No, I’m afraid these turtles need to stay right where they are, son. They’re endangered, don’t you know, as the data I’m collecting show. Sea turtles are fascinating creatures with very complicated life cycles, and they need … ”


  5. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…Oh, I’m so sorry. I was distracted by that lady in the air with the umbrella.”
    “Sue” the little girl said, “we were about to go for supper. Would you like to join us?”
    Sue, having no immediate means of returning home for his next meal, gladly accepted. “Do you think we can have macaroni and cheese?” he asked.
    “Well, now” Papa said. “That would be very warming after all this data collection in the cold. But I’m not certain we have any on hand. We do have a very delicious lobster bisque simmering on the stove. Oh, pardon my lack of manners, Sue. You must allow me to introduce us to you. I’m…”


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