attack of the sticky chins

joy of summertime
sticky fingers sticky chins
watermelon stains

We are drowning in fruit over here in the Haiku of the Day household. Strawberries, watermelon, bananas, avocados, white-flesh peaches, pears, apricots. It’s all just so sweet and juicy and ripe and yummy. Between this, the crazy sweet corn on the cob and the crispy green beans from the market, I’m almost OK with the fact that we never were able to plant our veggie garden this year. I’m still holding out for some okra and late season tomatoes, but the hope is dimming as the heat swells.

I tell you what, though, this summer has been the best in years as far as fruit goes. I don’t know if my grocery store is just getting in better produce, or if the Valley has had a bumper crop, or what, but the fruit is exquisite.

The wee-er one will crouch in her high chair (she doesn’t sit in it anymore – sigh) and hold her hand out, palm up in this puppy-dog-eyed-Oliver-Twist-please-sir-can-I-have-
some-more way and make an "mmmmmmmmmm" sound when she wants more. If I’m not fast enough, the hand bobs up and down and the "mmm"-ing turns into an impatient squeal. Baby girl must have her peaches and strawberries IMMEDIATELY upon spying them or all hell breaks loose. Frankly, I feel the same way.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the 17 million pounds of watermelon we have leftover from the fourth. It’s beautiful, red, sweet and juicy and it’s gonna have to go in the trash if I don’t come up with something to do with it soon. I guess I can ball it, freeze it, and use it as ice cubes. Or something.

Anyway. I’m loving summer – with all the rain, the less than 100-degree temps, the glorious fruit… I know others are sweltering and/or floating away and to them I say, I’m so so sorry. After "enjoying" our triple digit summer last year – while pregnant and then nursing a steam engine – this summer feels like a long lost exotic vacation.


2 thoughts on “attack of the sticky chins

  1. I have a great (and simple) recipe for frozen watermelon sorbet. Holler if you want it and it’s yours! 🙂


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