And they’re off!

hope brain is not mush
expectations are scary
edits to book: done!

I just emailed my first major round of edits to my editor at Random House (yes, yes, I will always name drop. Wouldn’t you?)! Of course I’m in mortal fear of disappointing him and of ruining my book and of getting a phone call that goes something like, "Hello? Right. You totally jacked this up." But overall, I feel confidant. No, really! I’m excited and tingly at the thought of hearing his comments and I CAN’T WAIT until I’m able to get feedback from some kids.

Also, I just found out McSweeney’s has accepted another piece for the website. Yay! I’ll keep you posted on when it’s going to appear.

Whew. I’m off to play on Facebook now. I should never have signed up for that thing. Not only does it waste incredible amounts of time, but there’s a group that you can join specifically for the purpose of talking like you live in Deadwood. I speak the honest God-fearin’ fuckin’ truth, you foul-mouthed scoundrel cocksuckah. Facebook and Deadwood are going to cause me to go to hell.

One thought on “And they’re off!

  1. I, for one, congratulate you on this momentous achievement! I wait with bated breath for the book to arrive in stores. Meanwhile, I wish I could think of something hilarious to write about so I too could publish a book and maybe make an appearance on the Oprah show wearing a fabulous pants suit. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to change diapers, scrap old food off the floor, do my “consulting” work, and get 5 hours of interrupted sleep a night. Best to you!


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