this’ll only hurt for a minute

the well-child exam
almost worse than rock eating
for causing mom angst

The wee-er one is going in this afternoon for her one year well-check. With the wee one, I had a list of questions and my husband met us at the docs and it was a Big Deal.

Today, though, I don’t have a list, my husband is not coming, and the wee one will accompany us so I’ll be spending most of the visit trying to keep him off of the floor and table and I will be distracted from the actual task at hand – asking questions about the wee-er one and her growth and development and all of that.

Even though I’ve been through the vaccine debate a million times now, I still feel a bit uncomfortable on these days. We’ve chosen to vaccinate, and we pretty much do it as per the CDC schedule… and yet… I always feel weird just before these Big Deal doctor visits. I have no problem with delaying vax, we just haven’t done that up to this point. Though I’m seriously thinking about holding off on the MMR for a bit. I haven’t done a lot of research about it, it’s just a gut feeling. So we’ll see.

Anybody want to wager what her weight is? At 9 months she was 17lbs 16oz. I’m guessing 19lbs 5oz for today. Well, 19lbs 3oz. I smell a stinky diaper.

One thought on “this’ll only hurt for a minute

  1. The vax thing is such a major guilt issue at times, isn’t it? I decided not to vax Abby except for the Hib series, which we did. I figure, of all the things they vax for, that’s the one with the biggest chance of killing her, were she to contract it. It would suck if she got any of the others, but chances are they wouldn’t kill her. Regardless, though, it took weeks of research and praying and, in the end, one giant sob session on my hubby’s shoulder as I worried myself half to death about the fallout of either option before finally deciding I just couldn’t justify all the chemicals in her tiny little body. *shrug* We’ll see what happens.
    I’ll wager 19 and a half pounds. What does the winner get? 🙂


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