crazy lunch time vibe
should we blame low blood sugar
or maybe ourselves

Have you ever had one of those restaraunt excursions where the kids insist on screaming, knocking over drinks, running in and out of their seats, complaining about the food, having to go to the bathroom a million times, and then ultimately falling out of the high chair, spilling most of lunch on the floor and being the sole cause of the waiter’s flare-up of PTSD?

Just had one of those lunches. As my friend and I, and our brood who all seemed to be hopped up on goofballs, left the place we were pretty sure all of the other patrons and the waitstaff were going to burst into applause as soon as the door closed.

I used to be embarrassed when things went haywire in public. But then I realized, at least with my family, we’re pretty much haywire all the time anyway. And anybody else who has kids or is around kids, should understand that kids + public places = mayhem, at least 80% of the time. Add some root beer and long lost friends to the equation, and the mayhem is infinite and unavoidable.

My goal is to keep my kids reasonably under control when we’re out, especially when we’re out to eat. Sometimes I’m successful, other times, not. I rely on people who cross paths with us to understand that mommy-ing is difficult and kids have minds of their own and sometimes that makes for a rowdy lunch.

We may be making a noisy mess, but it has to be a more pleasurable mess for the gawking onlookers than the mess created by the hassled mom spanking her kid in line at the grocery store. Right?

Ah, well, to everyone at Magnolia on this rainy afternoon I say, Yep. That was us destroying the place. I hope you enjoyed your lunch. And I hope we didn’t get any of our flying strawberries on you.

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