I have not forsaken you

lingering sweetness
cinnamon blobs of grit – yum
you make me love you

Normally I only eat chocolate for dessert. And I eat it unmussed. Do not put fruit in my chocolate. Do not put mints in my chocolate. Chocolate chips in my chocolate? OK. Chocolate sauce on my chocolate? OK. Nuts in my chocolate? Are they chocolate-covered nuts? Then OK.

But last night I went out on a limb. Something inside me went a little haywire and instead of Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter ice cream (or possibly Phish Food) I grabbed a pint of the new Cinnamon Buns flavor. Crazy, right?

Well, let me tell you. I didn’t want to brush my teeth last night because I was sad to think the cinnamon-y sweet goodness in my mouth would be erased by evil Sonicare machinations. The lingering grit of the cinnamon-caramel streusel allowed my tongue to search out leftover pockets of crunch for several minutes after I’d finished my ice cream. Mmmm.

Oh lordy, that stuff was divine. Caramel ice cream, cookie dough sized chunks of gritty cinnamon bun dough, a swirl of cinnamon caramel streusel. I get a little shiver just thinking of it.

I have not forsaken chocolate, but I’m taking my first vacation from it. Thank-you Ben & Jerry’s for broadening my horizons (and my hips).


One thought on “I have not forsaken you

  1. OoooOOOoooo. I may have to try that. I’m the same way about chocolate, but…cinnamon and caramel? Hmmm. That sounds gooood.
    BTW, you really should try NY Super Fudge Chunk. It is: “Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts, & Fudge-Covered Almonds.” I’ve written at length about it here:
    No kidding w/ the SWAK to B&J’s!


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