fall is not in air
excrutiating heat, sun
football doesn’t care   

Yay! Football! I forked over the cash for the pay-per-view Horns game today. I figure after this week I deserve it. I wish someone was here to watch it with me, though. My hubby could care less, and as much as I try to brainwash the wee one, he’s still too little to understand (and I’m not hard core enough to sign him up for pee wee football. Three practices a week! Holy crap!) So wah, wah, I have no one to cheer with.

But it’ll still be fun.

And, I have Oreos.

Hook ’em Horns!

One thought on “Football!

  1. I wish I could join you! I hate listening to the game on the radio. I need to fork over the money for cable before I fork over the money for PPV.


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