TV is the devil

wasting precious time
no work to be done today
I am a tycoon

What does one do when one finally gets their little one to take two decent sized naps in a day? One does not finish the book she promised to have to her agent in two weeks (three weeks ago). One does not continue writing past page 55 on the new book she is very, very excited about. One does not clean the kitchen, nor vacuum, nor pick crap up off the floor. One does not pay any attention to the dog, nor eat lunch.

Instead, one fights with crashing servers and becomes a TV tycoon – sweating over her $300 million budget and her prognostications concerning what crap TV people will fall in love with this season.

TV Big Shot.

I’m going to kick your ass with all the horrible, yet highly rated shows I pick.

SchadenfredueTV is where it’s at, baby. "We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing because of you."

3 thoughts on “TV is the devil

  1. Hey, I found my way here from a mama listserv and read your post about the Round Rock Outlets (great post). I too have a TV big shot network… and am now planning on spying on you to see how you do. 🙂


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