In case you’re interested, here’s the response the mama in question
(see post below) received from the Round Rock Premium Outlet Mall.

It is… uninspiring:

Thanks for calling today.  It was a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon. 

As we discussed, Round Rock Premium Outlets, and our company in general, welcome breastfeeding mothers to our centers all the time.   We ask only that the breastfeeding be done in a tasteful/discreet manner.   

To my knowledge, we have never previously excluded anyone who was breastfeeding from one of our centers.

We hope that you and your son will feel comfortable returning to Round
Rock Premium Outlets soon.


Michele Rothstein
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Chelsea Property Group
A SIMON Company

I mean, at least it’s polite and non-accusatory, but compare it to this (a similar incident that happened at a Round Rock Express game a little over a year ago).

Dave Fendrick with the Round Rock Express really just got it. He was embarrassed by what had happened and he went into full-on proactive "let’s make this right" action.

I don’t think Michele Rothstein gets it. It feels like this was one more more pain in her ass to get checked off of her Franklin planner to-do list yesterday. I could be wrong, but it feels like there should be more to that note.

********* UPDATE **********

An update to the update…. There will be a nurse-in at the Round Rock Outlet mall, by (or possibly in) the Disney Store, at 10:30 am this Sunday. Grab your boobies, grab a baby and come see if you can rile up some Segway drivin’ security folk.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. I agree with you completely, Kari. That letter just felt so obligatory and non-compassionate.
    I’m just guessing that Michelle is not a Mama, or she would be approaching this differently.


  2. Wow. I’m stunned. And I really like the outlet in RR, but I will NOT shop there now. I’m a huge proponent of putting your $$$ where your mouth is.
    I’d love to join the nurse-in, but it’s right smack in the middle of JoJo’s morning nap. I’ll be there in spirit!!


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