you don’t even know, Kenneth

delightful mayo
it dresses up everything
a food tiara

Last night on 30 Rock (where, incidentally, Liz Lemon built a desk in exactly the same way I would have), Kenneth The Page was astounded by the yumminess of eating a grilled cheese sandwich with mayo in it.

Yes, Kenneth. It is good.

You know what would blow your mind, though? Your very, very open mind?

A peanut butter and mayo sandwich!

My grandma used to make those for me, and while I admit, it’s an acquired taste and might not be something I’d eat at this point in my life, it was an exotic and strange thing to eat as a kid, and not at all as bad as it sounds.

Try it out, Kenneth The Page… test those horizons.

And, also, I know that you’re fictional. But you should try it anyway.

2 thoughts on “you don’t even know, Kenneth

  1. oh my goodness. ever since i was little my family has eaten fried egg and cheese sandwiches with peanut butter and mayo (miracle whip though..not reg mayonaise)…so freaking good.


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